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A Population Genetic Assessment of the Extant Subspecies of Seaside Sparrow (Ammospiza maritima) on the Atlantic Coast

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dc.contributor.advisor Woltmann, Stefan Roeder, Mackenzie
dc.contributor.other Department of Biology 2019-05-22T18:57:43Z 2019-05-22T18:57:43Z 2018-08
dc.identifier.other OCLC: 1102363314
dc.description.abstract Seaside Sparrows (Ammospiza maritima) are tidal salt marsh endemic passerines found along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. At present there has not been a modern genetic assessment of the Atlantic Coast clade, which consists of two extant subspecies: the Northern Seaside Sparrow, "A. m. maritima" (Wilson 1811), and MacGillivray’s Seaside Sparrow, "A. m. macgillivraii" (Audubon 1870). The currently described ranges of these subspecies are from Massachusetts to North Carolina (Northern) and North Carolina to Florida (MacGillivray’s). We analyzed genetic (microsatellite and mitochondria) data from 400 Seaside Sparrows from Connecticut to Florida (2000 – 2017). Sampling efforts were focused (1) near the currently defined geographic boundary between the subspecies (Dare County, NC), and (2) the type locality for MacGillivray’s Seaside Sparrow (Charleston, SC). Bayesian cluster analysis (program STRUCTURE) indicates three genetically distinct population segments, which were recovered regardless of how the data were subsampled. The population in Charleston, SC was the most strongly differentiated population, and this population also harbored a unique mitochondrial (mtDNA) “signature,” likely reflecting long-standing isolation. These results indicate discordance with the currently described ranges of the subspecies of Seaside Sparrow, and provide grounds for the consideration of separate management plans for the three populations. en_US
dc.publisher Austin Peay State University
dc.subject.lcsh Seaside sparrow -- Atlantic Coast (U.S)
dc.subject.lcsh Seaside sparrow -- Genetics
dc.subject.lcsh Endemic birds
dc.subject.lcsh Passeriformes
dc.subject.lcsh Microsatellites (Genetic)
dc.subject.lcsh Mitochondrial DNA
dc.title A Population Genetic Assessment of the Extant Subspecies of Seaside Sparrow (Ammospiza maritima) on the Atlantic Coast en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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