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Author's artist statement: Raíces is a collaborative series of multi-media, embroidered portraits of my family and a self-portrait, stylistically influenced by traditional and indigenous Mexican textiles and their processes. With this body of work, I want to share my roots and open the doors to my household by introducing each person and telling our story. It is necessary for me to communicate how important these individuals are to me, how vital their presence is in my life, and how strongly they have influenced every fiber of my being and my work and process as an artist. My parent’s background, rich culture, and deep-rooted traditions heavily influence my creative practice and motivate me to dig deeper into my Mexican heritage; while my siblings allow me to not feel so alone while growing up between races and communities. My on-going pursuit of my identity is greatly inspired and affected by each of their life experiences, trials, and achievements. It is crucial for this to be the first large body of work I put out into the world as it is the beginning of me. This is my origin, my family, my story. Estas son mis raices. These are my roots.