Going 'Round the Disc

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Author's thesis statement: Although both forensics and the construction of 3D environments are passions of mine, I found that I sitting down and producing the work itself was not a passion of mine. I believe in the notion of enjoying the work that you do; enjoying cookies does not necessarily mean that you enjoy baking them. I found myself in a predicament and began research. Other careers that I could prepare for. I decided to pursue other passions with different processes of producing work and found that I enjoy the process of 2D animation, as well as how it can be used to tell a story. This eventually resulted in the decision to alter the course of my exhibition. I knew it would mean more work, but I knew that I would ultimately be more satisfied with the result. However, it is still important to document the work prior to 4160. The next several pages are dedicated to documenting that progress that I made.