With the Band

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Author's artist statement: I have been photographing for 7 years. In that time, I never knew what path of photography I wanted to follow, until about a year ago when I wanted to photograph a concert I was attending and I stumbled upon an opportunity to become a House Photographer for Exit/In. Then after getting the opportunity to photograph for this venue, I realized that this is the path for me. With this specific venue, there are many other photographers a part of the house photography program and we all get to sign up for shows based off our own availability. This opportunity has helped me learn to become more comfortable with my camera and using manual settings. I have also grown as a photographer and built a portfolio to use when applying for bigger jobs. Music, concerts, and festivals are really important to me as it is a way for me to really express myself. While I also love seeing the artist perform and give off energy that brings people from all over the world together to bond over the same thing. With connecting my love for music and my love for photography, I appreciate looking at photographs from other artist that captures the musician in their element connected with their audience. This inspires me to capture this energy into a photograph and share the image with the world. For this exhibit, I have gathered photos from all of the concerts I have photographed thus far and I am stepping away from the traditional gallery format. For this specific style of photography, the traditional format could be used but with my body of work and my personal aesthetic, the way I am choosing to exhibit these photographs makes the most sense. The exhibition of the photographs will be more of a street aesthetic as if they were pasted on a wall or light pole that underground concert posters may be found on the street. Contrasting with the outcast or rebellious scene.