Beyond Pay! Making the CASE for Success: Implementing a Center for Adjunct Support & Engagement at Austin Peay State University

The goal of this proposal is to create the Center for Adjunct Faculty Support & Engagement, or “CASE,” at Austin Peay State University (APSU). In learning about issues on campus as part of the Faculty Leadership Program (FLP), our cohort become aware of the large number of adjunct faculty members at APSU and their impact on our students, as well as the inadequate support for adjunct faculty and the difficulties of their recruitment and retention. The mission of the proposed Center is to implement best practices available at other institutions of higher education to support our fellow adjunct faculty. These practices include thorough orientation and training for adjunct faculty, adjunct faculty mentoring, professional development, and the recognition of adjunct faculty. The existence of this proposed CASE will help to 1) improve the learning experience and success of our students; 2) recruit and retain the best possible adjunct faculty at minimal additional cost; and 3) foster a sense of engagement, satisfaction, and belonging to the institution for our more than 350 APSU adjunct faculty members.